"…The world is a window everyone who has passed by took a glance and kept on walking."
Yunus Emre


When we look back in our life there are some people or happenings that have deeply affected us, slightly touched us and have "Left in any way their mark"… In fact, as they were effective in our past on the one hand they designate the point where we are now and continue to shape our future. From past to future they create a cosmic impression and "Leave a Mark" for humankind.


The main "mark" is the one "left" in the hearts… Which is to know real love without expecting anything in return, to accept everyone, to realise that you are a human being and to know how to live humanly…


Within the meaning of the coaching concept that each passing day the attention increases;


The aim is that people and/or systems recognize their own existing capacity, that they know themselves, that they explore their attributes, create their own visions and step into action to reach their goals and the purposes they desire. In this way it seems possible that they, as an individual and in a systemic way "leave mark" in themselves or in the systems they are in interaction with.



From this perspective, we as "ICF Türkiye - International Coach Federation" set our theme "LEAVE YOUR MARK" for the fifth coaching conference will be performed on 3-4 May 2016.


During our conference there will be very valuable speakers who have left mark in all areas of life and who are going to share their experiences with us.


We are looking forward to see you as sponsor and participant within this extensive activity on our fifth coaching conference and we will be happy to "leave our mark" together with you.


Yours faithfully

Naci Demiral, PCC

ICF Türkiye - International Coach Federation